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Change Management


From an idea to reality


In a continuously changing environment, it is of vital importance that organisations adapt to the changing circumstances and are sure to be kept up-to-date in order to remain -or become more- succesful. However, the adjustment can only be effective and succesful when the employees are able to, willing to and find it meaningful to change. When these three basal requirements are fully complied to, change can be integrated in basically every organisation.


Effective change also requires a strong belief in one’s own strength and capabilities, being open for new insights and personal development and having respect for and interest in the people involved and last but not least: Persistence. In a climate of safety, confidence and willpower accompanied by the right spirit, truly each and every organisation can be set going to a better and more efficient workflow and thus, a more succesful business.


We perceive change as ‘reframing’ an organisation. The new frame consists of new elements and existing elements. Altogether, these components give shape to a new, refined organisation. What was first solely an idea has now been realised.


Our Method


A method that works! 

Our strength lies in the management of change, where desire and necessity are brought together into a new frame, leading to a new reality. We work according to the basic process of organisational change, consisting of orientation; diagnosis; analysis; goalsetting; establishing a plan for the implementation of the required elements; and assessing and monitoring the situation. The ways of execution is of course dependant on the situation and is determined by the organisational culture.


Vos & Partners is Smart

We are, because we work on a custom-made base. We make use of the strengths and capabilities of an organisation and pay careful attention to its processes, the wishes and the needs, operate in the preferred workstyle of the organisation and envision the first moment of success!


Vos & Partners is competent and specialised

We quickly gain trust by our strong fundament of knowledge and know-how. Because of our experience with many different situations, we have developed the skills and expertise to overcome each challenge we face. We always propose methods that are bound to work.


Vos & Partners is creative

We apply a creative approach to organisational change. With ‘out of the box’ thinking, in accordance with the latest insights and developments in change management, we always succeed in creating a surprising and inspiring new organisational design.


Vos & Partners is practical

We create effective solutions that positively and visibly affect the chances on success. Our plans are easily executable, not over-complicated and understandable for all the parties involved. We believe in the power of simplicity and set clear steps towards the envisioned goals.


Vos & Partners and Social Responsibility

We strive to be socially responsible in every aspect of our organisation, noticeable in our conduct of business and consultancy. Corporate social responsibility focuses on doing business with due regard to the social aspect (people), economical performances (profit) and ecological preconditions (planet), also known as the triple-P approach. The right balance between these three aspects will lead to better results for corporations and society.


About Vos & Partners

Vos & Partners Ltd. has evolved from the company ‘Vos Changemanagement’, which Albert Vos and Jan van Wissen founded in 1996. Albert Vos is sole proprietor of Vos & Partners since 2004. The company works with a solid team of specialised consultants amongst professional partners and organisations, all with their own expertise and specialised know-how. Vos & Partners Ltd. is located in Amersfoort.


Albert Vos

With over 25 years of professional experience in HRM, Albert Vos has developed a passion for change management. He is active as interim manager, project manager, trainer, coach and entrepreneur and he fulfills each roll with equal enthousiasm and care. Interdependency and taking responsibility are his keys to success. Albert firmly beliefs in ownership within a social and organisational environment. He keeps his eyes on the goal, while keeping the process in mind, striving for its perfection.